About us

Welcome to wine4u, a personal wine delivery service offering you the finest wines out there directly to your home.
For decades we've been supplying premium boutique wines to the best restaurant and retailers in the country, with access to some of the most iconic wines directly from the producer.

Our wines are widely recognised as benchmarks and our producers as industry leaders.

We are passionate about wine, it's a very serious business to us.

Our mission is to make it less complicated by delivering quality only and guide you through your selection.

Let us take care of it.

Why is Wine4u in business?

Wine4u is the sister company of Enoteca, a leading wholesaler of rare and boutique European wine and spirits. The popularity of Enoteca’s portfolio and increasing demand from customers resulted in the launch of Wine4u, a direct-to-customer online wine shop delivering the very best European wine and Liquors  to homes across Australia.


How is Wine4u different?

Wine4u has access to a unique network of boutique, iconic and artisanal producers across Europe, largely due to the relationships developed over many years. Wines are carefully selected the team to ensure only the best are offered to Australian wine lovers, creating a seamless and reliable journey for customers to explore, indulge in and enjoy the world’s most delicious wine and spirits.